Directions of the Organization

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1. HIV / STI prevention among women, who have been drawn into the sex business in Odessa city. Forming of the skills of less safe sexual and injecting behavior.
2. Organization of the community center for drug users and improve of their quality of life, providing a wide range of services.
3. Medico-social and psychological support for HIV-positive adults: diagnosis and maintenance of TB treatment, nursing care, charitable assistance and social patronage of seriously ill and are in the terminal stage of AIDS.
4. HIV prevention among patients of TB institutions: informational work among persons who are hospitalized in the TV dispensaries and hospitals, distribution of prevention tools and information materials.
5. HIV / AIDS prevention in prisons.
6. Social psychological rehabilitation of adults at risk in the center "Sofia". During the three years of the project the rehabilitation and vocational training received more than 300 girls.
7. Provision of social and psychological assistance to refugees and asylum seekers, including children.
8. Work of the telephone Hotline on the prevention of human trafficking.
9. The provision of humanitarian assistance and providing of business grants for internally displaced persons from the Donetsk and Lugansk regions and Crimea.
10. Promotion of gender policy in Odessa region.

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